The Garrotín is a dance in 4s much like the farruca. Both are commonly attributed to the dancer El Faico and guitarist Ramón Montoya in Madrid early in the second decade of the 20th century, but the history of garrotín appears to be complicated with Asturian influences in the melody, translation to the guitar and a choreography in Lérida Catalunya. In Catalunya it also acquired Black American Cakewalk/Vaudeville influence in the dance. (Really, even the hat! Google the Chapter "Jaleo de Jerez and Tumulte Noir Primitivist Modernism and Cakewalk in Flamenco 1902-1917" of the book Flamenco on the Global Stage: Historical, Critical and Theoretical Perspectives") .

Here is a pretty traditional version:

Here is a modern performance

Here is an Asturian bagpipe band playing the original melody